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Topics: United States Environmental Protection Agency, Air pollution, Sulfur dioxide Pages: 14 (6156 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Ohio is one of the many states that suffer from air pollution. Numbers are rising, deaths are occurring and many health risks are involved because of air pollution. Different toxins that are being released into our air cause a great deal of concern because this causes many frequent weather changes as well as population issues. People tend to move away from certain areas located near factories which release massive amounts of pollutants daily. There are land issues as well as waterways where contaminants are being released in our natural water resources. Changes need to be made to improve our society as well as make a difference in our activity as residents of Ohio to ensure the best quality of our air as well. There could also be a series of non-profit organizations to help citizens become more aware of the problem that is exceeding. If we do not take action to solve this issue, we will slowly continue to ruin our space that we live in. Not only has these pollutants had an effect on our atmosphere, but our living conditions as citizens in Ohio has been exposed to harm and danger. There are many health risks associated with mercury, sulfur dioxide, smog and other toxins that allow us to be at a higher risk than other regions outside of Ohio in the United States. The infant mortality rate in the state of Ohio as of 2008 was 7.7%. The crude death rate in Ohio was 955.5. While we can’t give an exact death rate for air pollution we can give death rates of problems associated with environmental issues in Ohio. Heart disease is the number one killer in the country as well as in Ohio. The crude death rate of heart disease in Ohio is 238.1. The crude death rate of cancer in Ohio 217.9 (Department of Health). And the crude death rate for chronic lower respiratory diseases in Ohio is 56.3. Air pollutants are driving factors in these deaths. Chemicals such as mercury, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and smog are released into the air do to the power plants and fossil fuels used at these factories surrounding suburban areas. These elements are the most dangerous of the toxins and could also result to serious health issues if not taking serious. Mercury is one of the most dangerous of the chemicals and can even be released airborne or into our natural water sources. Statistics show that one and every ten women in the childbearing ages who are exposed to Mercury can expose their child to health risks such as asthma and bronchial diseases. A Recent study done in Columbus Ohio showed that Ohio emits more Mercury pollution in power plants than any other 48 states in United States. In the year of 2010 Ohio released approximately 4,218 pounds of mercury pollution. There have also been reports stating that mercury is being released in the surrounding bodies of water in Ohio which is causing a great amount of contamination to our fish farming. One drop of mercury can dilute at least 25 acres of the body of water that it is released in. (Boggs, 2011) Mercury is released from coal burning fuels in factories and other locations where power plants are established. Coal burning is one way to project fossil fuels but there are dangerous chemical reactions caused from this. Out of the top fifty polluting power plants that emit mercury into our atmosphere, four are located in Ohio and eleven more are in bordering states. This positions Ohio in the middle of various air pollution issues. (Air Pollution in Southeast Ohio: Mercury and Other Problems, 2009). Although factories are beneficial to our sources of energy conservation we need to establish a more efficient way to eliminate some of these dangerous chemicals that are of human exposure. Another chemical that most individuals are familiar with that can cause harm to our environment if not regulated properly is the amount of carbon dioxide that is released in our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is one of the key pollutants that are associated with warming our earth to increase temperatures around the...
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