Air Accident

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Assignment – Due 20th May

This assignment is a test of your ability to design and construct a basic questionnaire and write-up how you did so in a style consistent with a journal article. This assignment will be marked out of 100 and will account for 40% of the overall marks for this paper. Make sure you read through this assignment and fully understand what is required of you.

Assignment background/rationale
Evaluating current practices or whether changes to current practices have had positive outcomes is something that is important in aviation. Thus, at some time in your careers in aviation management, you may want to construct and administer a questionnaire and report on your findings afterwards. For example, you may want to gain feedback from the passengers who fly with your airline about their overall experience of flying to investigate if there is a different pattern of responses according to age, gender, destination, or some other factor, such as before and after some improvements to the service.

Assume that you have graduated and now work as a manager at a medium size airline in a country of your choice. To complete this assignment, you must design an original questionnaire that can be used to measure the ‘level of satisfaction’ of airline passengers at your airline.

You should assume that you want to measure as much of the experience of being an airline passenger as you possibly can (although the final questionnaire should have no more than about 30 questions, excluding those used to ascertain demographic information). The aim of your questionnaire is that you could use it to measure satisfaction between two different types of aircraft (e.g., Boeing 737-200 and Airbus A320)

You must write-up this assignment in a style consistent with that suitable for publication in an academic journal. You should therefore begin with an ‘introduction’ section, in which you outline why ‘level of satisfaction’ with a flight is an...
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