Agurement Essay on Privacy

Topics: High school, College, Middle school Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Growing up and seeing the same faces all throughout elementary, middle, and high school is somewhat overwhelming. In addition to this is because many people get tired seeing the same people all the time. In high school and in college the social life is different going to high school where many people have not changed since middle school, however; as for a college student many people are new to the same environment. The three reasons contrast on how high school and college social life is different age groups in class, variety of foods, and different times for classes.

When going to a four-year high school and then transfer to a two year college is different. In class, there are people that are not even the same age as me, but in high school, there are only teens that go to school. College social life is very different from high school; the classes are smaller than a normal high class. Most people in college classes do not look down on anyone in class. In class, we do not play around, but in high school, kids will make fun of someone just because they are not like them.

In high school and college, there are all kinds of foods. High school food was not very pleasant at all, but now that I am in college, the food is so much better. The women who make the food makes everyone feel welcomed to come and eat. Eating in a place where there is no need to worry about someone trying to snatch food from anyone. During high school days many people would come up and take food from plate; just being rude, disrespectful, and have no manners.

Coming to a college where some classes may start at one in the afternoon or even earlier than that, most people complain about having classes at so many different times. I think it is better than being in high school from eight-thirty to three-thirty every day. There are numerous of things people can do at Vance Granville to do in their spare time. To have a social life here many people go to the library, lounge, and the computer lab....
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