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The effects of growing pepper plants in soil mixed with organic fertilizer (cow manure), inorganic fertilizer (muriate of potash) and unfertilized soil respectively. OBJECTIVES:
To observe which of the three plants grown under each condition will produce the most as well as the peppers at the end of an eight week period. •To observe which of the three pepper plants will grow the tallest under each respective condition

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The aim of this research project was to observe the development of three pepper plants grown in pots containing soil which were mixed with organic, inorganic fertilizers as well soil that was unfertilized. This project began with the purchasing of 6 pepper seedlings. After arriving from the plant shop, the seedlings were transplanted in three different pots containing muriate of potash (inorganic fertilizer), cow manure (organic fertilizer) and unfertilized soil respectively. After transplanting, the seedlings were watered and the heights of each seedling were measured and recorded. From then on the plants were watered every day and measured at the end of each week for an eight week period. At the end of the eight week period each of the three plants had produced peppers and had grown to reasonable heights.

During the process of carrying out this project, extensive research was also done to get a hypothesis of what the outcome would have been. The researcher read numerous agricultural science books as well as explored the internet in search of information relating to her area of work.

Literature Review
A fertilizer can be any material, organic or inorganic, that supplies plants with the necessary nutrients for plant growth and optimum yield. Organic fertilizers are natural materials of either plant or animal origin, including livestock manure and green manures that provides nutrients for the plant. However, inorganic fertilizers are man- made or synthetic materials that supply plants with the necessary nutrients for growth and developments e.g. Muriate of potash. Both inorganic and organic fertilizers aid in the growth and development of plants, however, inorganic fertilizers are said produce better yields as well as increase the growth rate of the plant when compared to cow manure or unfertilized soils. Potash fertilizer is used by gardeners all over the world. It is a nutrient formulation used for enriching garden soil. As the name suggests, it contains potassium as a major element. The main role of potassium in plant growth is improving the growth of roots. In addition, it helps in the photosynthesis process, activates enzymes, increases protein synthesis and maintains turgor pressure by reducing loss of water. Another benefit of potash fertilizer is increasing the resistance of plants to pest infestations and drought condition. As compared to other potassium salts or minerals, muriate of potassium is more soluble in water. Thus the end result is a healthier, plant with better flowers, vegetables and fruits. Cow manure is rich in micro-nutrients that contribute to a fertile soil by ensuring the proper structure, water retention and chemical make- up that plants need to grow . It contains bacteria along with active digestive enzyme. These enzymes contribute to the faster heating of the movement of the manure which accelerates the decomposition of organic material, thus nutrients are released faster.

The objectives of this research project were to observe the development of three pepper plants as they grew in three different plant pots containing inorganic fertilizer (muriate of potash), organic fertilizer (cow manure) and unfertilized soil, as well as to examine which soil condition would produce the...
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