Agrarian Reform of Magsaysay

Topics: Philippines, United States, World War II Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: March 17, 2013
President Ramón Magsaysay enacted the following laws as part of his Agrarian Reform Program: Agrarian Reform Programs
1. Republic Act No. 1160 of 1954
• LASEDECO was abolished and established the National Resettlement and Rehabilitation Administration • Main goal was to resettle landless farmers, and aimed at the rebels who returned to provide them with lots for home and farming in Palawan and Mindanao 2. Republic Act No. 1199 (Agricultural Tenancy Act of 1954)

• Created the court of Agrarian Relations
• The leasehold system and share-tenancy were organized to oversee the relationship between tenants and landowners 3. Republic Act No. 1400 (Land Reform Act of 1955)
• Land Tenure Administration (LTA) were in charge of the possessing and distributing tenanted rice and corn lands (200 hectares for individuals and 600 hectares for corporations) 4. Republic Act No. 821 (Creation of Agricultural Credit Cooperative Financing Administration) • Small farmers and tenants low interests of between six to eight percent with their loans 5. Reparation Agreement

• An agreement between Japan and the Philippines to pay the latter five hundred fifty million U.S. dollars ($550,000) as payment for the war damages of World War II. 6. Bell Trade Act of 1946 into the Laurel-Langley Agreement

• It eradicated the authority of the United States to have control over the exchange rate of the Philippines peso, parity privileges reciprocal, extended the sugar quota. This agreement retained the economic subservience between the U.S. and the Philippines. 7. Agricultural Commodities Agreement with the U.S. (1957)

• perpetuating the colonial pattern of the nation’s economy 8. Anti-subversion Law
• Law that limited the citizen’s democratic rights of assembly, free speech, and belief. BENEFICIARIES OF THE LAWS AND PROGRAMS
Republic Act No. 1160 of 1954

• Rebel returnees and as well as landless farmers benefitted for they were given home lots...
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