Agrarian Reform Essay 3

Topics: Land reform, Food security, Agriculture Pages: 2 (613 words) Published: May 27, 2011
Agrarian reform is very significant for the economy of any country because almost more than half of the populations are employed in the agriculture sector. Agriculture is the main source of livelihood especially for the developing countries. Reforms are important because they protect the rights of the farmers. The Government does agrarian reform where they redistribute the agricultural land among the farmers of the country. The agrarian reform is concerned with the relation between production and distribution of land among the farmers. According to Handelman, there are four different types of Agrarian Reform. They are: i. Externally Imposed Reform

ii. Revolutionary Transformation
iii. Moderate Reformism
iv. Limits of Agrarian Reform
Externally Imposed Reform: This reform was successful after World War II in East Asia. According to Handelman, the US occupation command limited the land ownership in Japan to 10 acres and transferred 41 % of the country’s farmland from landlord to their tenants. That way the number of landless tenants fell from 28% to 10%. Same pressure was encouraged in Taiwan and South Korea and ownership of farmland was limited to a very small number. The transformation was successful with a huge agricultural productivity, rural standard of living and also strengthening the political stability. But later this land reform were not very successful in Southeast Asia and Central America. The property owners or the landlords refused and used the extensive political power to obstruct rural reform (Handelam, 2009 p 182). Revolutionary Transformation: The inequality in land ownership is the major cause of revolution. Land reform itself is the central demand of most agrarian based revolution. According to Handleman, “Revolutionary reform is generally considered more far reaching than any of the other approaches, the way in which the Government implement land reform frequently does not please the peasant recipients. Marxist regime converted...
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