Aggressive Driving Essay 2

Topics: Driving, Automobile, Driver's license Pages: 3 (1096 words) Published: November 17, 2010
Ethan Sindall
J. Watts
English 101

In today’s society driving plays an important role. It is a well sought out mode of transportation, rite of passage for teenagers, and a basic necessity. Driving is a symbol of freedom for teenagers who pass their driving test and get their license. Driving is also something serious and shouldn’t be taken lightly. In 2008 alone, traffic accidents that caused injury totaled at 32,769 accidents. Aggressive driving can be linked to this because aggressive driving is dangerous and never ends well for anyone. In the 1990’s the term road rage was coined by the media and was linked to the most violent events. An aggressive driver is defined as someone who operated a motor vehicle in a selfish, bold or pushy manner, without regard for the rights or safety of the other users of the streets and highways. Aggressive driving is a major problem in today’s society due to an increase of drivers, high stress roadways, and a disregard for the safety of others. Essentially road rage is attempting to injure a car or person, or even kill another driver because of a traffic dispute. It involves unusually aggressive responses to a variety of small or large traffic incidents. “Road ragers” can be upset by something as minor as another driver not using a turn signal, or from a bigger infraction like tailgating. Some people who experience road rage may retaliate by forcing someone off of the road, or they may follow the driver until he stops. Then they get out of their car and attack either the person, or their car. Such attacks my include the use of a gun, baseball bat, or tire iron, along with using their fists or spitting in the driver’s face. Road rage is thought to be a factor in two thirds of all automobile accident fatalities. According to the Department of Transportation, approximately 250,000 people have been killed and 20 million injured in traffic crashes between 1990-96. They estimate that two thirds of deaths are at...
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