Age Is the Main Social Factor in Committing Crime and Deviance

Topics: Sociology, Crime, Criminology Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Age is the main social factor in committing crime and deviance

There are many factors to why some sociologists would agree that age is the main social factor in committing crime and deviance; however other sociologists think there are other factors apart from age which is a social factor in committing crime and deviance.

Sociologists agree that age is the main social factor in committing crime and deviance. Young people aged thirteen to twenty-four are more prone to crime because the youngsters in this age category believe in immediate gratification, they have fun without thinking about their actions or the consequences to their actions. They have a lot of spare time and nowhere to go therefore these bored youngsters find their own way to have fun. Young people usually commit both deviant and criminal activities; these people who commit deviant and criminal behaviour are referred to as juvenile delinquents. Unemployment is one of the reasons to why criminal and deviant acts are occurring. Unemployment is very high among the young people, and because they have no money due to lack of jobs because they had a unsuccessful education they turn to the underworld economy to make money for themselves or their family. An example of the underground economy is selling drugs for a drug dealer.

As well as this some sociologists agree that there are other social factor which leads to someone committing crime and deviance such as gender. Men and young boys are more prone to commit crime then women and young girls because of informal socialisation; men have more opportunities then women which give them more opportunities to commit crime or act in a deviant manner. For example men are allowed to go out at any time of the day and night whereas women are not, they have a time they have to be back home, also girls have more duties which tie them to the house whereas men are free to roam the streets whenever they want to because they’re not as closely monitored as women...
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