Against Religion

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  • Published : October 30, 2011
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Religion and its Defects
Organized religion is a facet of society that acts as a frame in the development of an individual, whether growing up with a religious fanatic family or in an atheists structured home the majority of the views expressed are views from one’s own family, not his or her own understanding. In many if not most cases an organized religion takes away from one’s own personal growth; which in turn creates an easier path into indoctrination. “Religion can contribute to personal and national identity” (Lee 26). Controlling through ones emotional fear leads to war, hate crimes and genocide. In such cases as the 9/11 attacks on the United States by Al Qaeda, the Crusades a war between Christians and Muslims held in Jerusalem (, and the Holocaust a persecution and murder of six million European Jews ( Individuals have all been forced into violent acts following the framework of their religion, without the understanding of what the intentions of their religion truly are.

The religion that one follows does not necessarily demonstrate the views of that person as a whole, for example Rich McSheehy believes that the attack on America was committed by Al Qaeda [Muslims] with some sort of radical Islamic hatred of the Christian and Jewish west. Overall the negative actions of organized religion outweigh the dubious actions of the organized religion followers. Consequently organized religion is a calculating oppressive power that gives man an inadequate excuse to murder, and exiles others over their differences. Organized religion is nothing more than a cult that feeds off power and the control of others, more so than the personal development of those religious followers. Organized religion has conjured itself in to a dirty business scheme that takes advantage of innocent individuals, looking for an outlet to their terror ridden lives. Organized religion has become a financial empire more than a personal ideology. Christianity for example is one of the most prosperous religions in the world according to, a governmental verified statistical web site. From the multimillion dollar ministries such as Joel Osteen that charge an average of $20 per ticket for his God driven messages, as stated on his personal web site, to the shady infomercials that succeed at bribing hopeless individuals into spending hundreds of dollars on bottled water with a holy label slapped on it; When in actuality the water has never even come into contact with anyone or anything considered holy. Holy water is a form blessing that was established as efforts of adding God into another part of the lives of the religious followers ( The organization of Christianity becomes more than just faith it becomes an excuse for scheme artist to pad their conscious. In such ways the organized religion organization has slowly become more about the profit rather than the savior. As stated by Lawrence Kushner, author of I’m God Your Not, “Mankind devoured organized religion to where religion is not looked at as gateway to heaven, but rather a spiraling stairwell to hell” (191).

More than demon exorcisms are being performed within the faith having ministries, a profit off of the need of people has elevated the organized religion into an unstoppable brainwashing monster, that poses as a hand out to those in need when really they strive for wealth. Not talking about the religions organizations that use their controlling powers for the better of mankind, but those that feed on the innocent. Ministry organizations bribe families into just freely handing money away, without a clue of where the money goes. Churches all over the world hold an offering at the beginning of service, freeloading off the hard work of others. The members of that church have no idea where that money is going, or what the money will do for or to them in the future. A plate is passed around the pews, and people throw...
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