African Studies Essay

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Egyptians Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Thank You Ancient Egypt! Thank You!

The statement the modern world owes a lot to the Ancient Egyptian civilization is a well debated subject but still is unclear to many. Ancient Egypt was said to have started many things that appears in the modern world these days. I would have to agree with the statement the modern world owes the ancient Egyptian civilization because things such as agriculture is the same now and back then. Even though agricultural work is well advance in today’s society it still came from the mere ideas and beings of the egyptians. They found a way to make sure that they themselves had a way to eat so they learned how to grow crops and farming was huge. Now a days our agricultural being is way more advanced because we basically don’t do the manual labor ourselves we have big machines that basically do it for us. Another idea we basically got from ancient egypt is our form of government, they had kings and we have presidents both jobs are similar they are the people who run the show. Although the U.S. is a democracy and have other branches of government, the president basically runs the country only real difference was that the kings of ancient egypt ran everything and if you didn’t abide by their rules they’d kill you. Both Ancient Egypt and the modern world lives by the bargain system meaning they trade with other countries or pay other countries for what they needed. In ancient egypt the government and the kings controlled every thing leading me back to this about the governments from then and the governments now. Agricultural surplus were kept in stores and was used to support their pharaoh and the family in luxury and comfort. Modern day and Ancient Egypt both believed in religion it’s just that back then they believed in many gods but modern society believes in one God but in different ways to go about being a child of god. The Egyptians had developed one of most unique languages ever well considered by modern day societies it was...
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