African American Studies Paper

Topics: Black people, Leadership, White people Pages: 9 (3542 words) Published: December 22, 2012
African American Studies Paper

Metaphysics is the “ultimate reality” the leader has set. This is the way in which the leader perceives the world and the goal they set to achieve within this perception. Although the leader possesses an “ultimate reality”, these realities are not always achievable.

Epistemology is the way in which a leader comes to believe or know their metaphysical outlook. Epistemology spans from formal education, to first hand knowledge from a primary source.
Human nature is how the leader views people. These views are analyzed socially, economically, and racially. These views are in correlation with their metaphysics and their epistemology.
Political Association is the governmental or organizational groups the leader is or has been associated with. These groups include political party, church affiliation, military, or any organization that comes together for a public purpose. Political association can also be used as a “crutch” in order for the leader to get things done and maintain as steady climb towards their ultimate reality.

The goals of black leaders falls under two main categories: race ends and race value.
Race Values are how the leader views various issues. These views can be strictly racial oriented for every problem that may arise, or they may view the issue as simply a social problem with minimal to no racial values.

Race Ends is the objective to which the leader wishes to achieve. These objectives are intended to be beneficial to the black community. These ends can then be divided into two sub groups. These sub groups consist of welfare ends and status ends.

Welfare ends are tangible and manageable tasks the leader can achieve within. These tangible objects may consist of better housing, more local city officials, healthcare and better services and jobs for blacks.

Status ends are intangible tasks. The leader seeks equality amongst the majority of the blacks within his or her community.
Political style is the manner in which the leader chooses to lead his people and go about getting tasks done. Political styles can be divided into two main groups, militant and moderate.
The Militant leader seeks a more firm and brash approach to his leadership style. This leader is prone to lead protests, sit ins, and take on outrageous tasks in order to prove their point. A violent demeanor may also be taken with this form of leadership style.

The moderate leader seeks a peaceful and more approachable take to their leadership style. These leaders are known to seek reason and logic when proving a point and taking on various tasks.
Political types can be broken down into 3 main categories, the prestige leader, the token leader, and the organizer.
The prestige leader has earned this title based on personal achievements. The leaders who are considered to have a prestige stature have either climbed their way from nothing to something or have maintained a respectable degree of higher education and a high degree of respect in the work force.

The token leader is chosen by popularity among the white race. This leader is seen as a “respectable black leader” who can be a great asset in the representation of the black community. Many token leaders are said to be “Uncle Toms”. They tend to shy away when it comes to racial matters.

The organizer is the leader who takes physical action in and around their community. They enjoy strength in numbers as well as brining the people together for a greater cause. Their time is very valuable and appreciated by their followers.

The charismatic leader is one who has a way with their words and body language. This leader is generally able to work and please a crowd of people. They are able to speak and command the attention of a large group of people. They have a way to make people think, act, and feel a certain way. Being charismatic does not justify a good leader from a bad leader. There are leaders who are very much so...
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