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Advertising Principals 1

Felecia Steed
S. Kenneth Hansen
May 28, 2013

Advertising Principals 2
1. Some viewers don’t like the AFLAC ads. Can an ad still accomplish its intended purposes if people find it annoying? I think there are a lot of annoying ads out there. I think it depends on the person, as to whether they will buy the product or not. I personally would not buy AFLAC because I have read the reviews on the company and they are not good. I do not like their ads, I think they are stupid. I just ignore them when they come on. 2. The AFLAC campaign is more than four years old. In your opinion, will the campaign stay effective for the foreseeable future? I think the campaign will stay effective because people like the duck. They introduced the duck in 2000 when they hired the advertising agency the Kaplan Thaler Group. The duck has done very well for the company, for many years. I think if they were to discontinue the duck in advertising, their rates would go down 3. What makes AFLAC ads so effective? Is it something more than their entertainment value? If so, what else contributes to their success? Aflac's duck has done more than generate impressive sales numbers. The mascot has been a feather in the company's cap in terms of making it one of the most recognizable names in insurance. Nearly 90% of Americans now recognize Aflac's name, the company said, largely because of the duck campaign, which takes a humorous approach to insurance while sending the serious message for its need. The duck was born after Aflac Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Daniel Amos and his advertising steering committee decided it was time to create a campaign that differentiated the company's ads from other insurers, while increasing the company's Advertising Principals 3

name recognition. In addition, because the company name was often mispronounced, Aflac wanted to create a mnemonic device that would reinforce name awareness and recall. Nearly...
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