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We always see new terms, expressions, language and terminology invading the language, especially in the field of education. Therefore, the language, any language in any given nation, if we watch close enough, then we probably would find many new words in the speech. However, this brings us to a term known as AFFLUENZA. So let us explore and look for what is the meaning of this new word in the English language, from where it came from, for what reason and who and where it originally started and initiated from etc.

What is Affluenza?
Let us put in simple language as one writer described it, "affluenza is a harmful or unbalanced relationship with money or its pursuit". Clinically, Jessie defines affluenza in the individual as the collective addictions, character flaws, psychological wounds, neurosis and behavioral disorders caused or exacerbated by the presence of or desire for wealth. Globally affluenza is a back up of the flow of money, resulting in a polarization of classes, and loss of economic and emotional balance.

Some authors like renowned affluence psychologist Jessie O’neill and others put three description to the expression as follows:" 1. The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses. 2. An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness 3. An unsustainable addiction to economic growth".

I found some authors on affluenza agreed that it is not about shopping addictions or compulsive behavior. If anything it is about getting your priorities wrong, "About getting into the habit of buying ‘stuff’. Of constantly buying stuff, more stuff and even more stuff".

A questions risen "why we want what we don't need", it is a genuine problem of the must-have-now mentality. Some writers even named the notion or gave it a definition such as "modern pandemic".

What are The Symptoms of Affluenza?
In individuals, symptoms of affluenza can include: workaholism; an addiction to chaos; low self-esteem; depression; a loss of future motivation; an inability to delay gratification or tolerate frustration; a false sense of entitlement. Affluenza is frequently accompanied by all manners of addictive/compulsive behaviors. We can see the symptoms of affluenza throughout our culture in those around us who have wealth; in those who are pursuing wealth; and in varying degrees within ourselves. One of the major causes of climate change, loss of biodiversity and the "legacy" we threaten to leave our children and grandchildren, is affluenza. To summarized the Symptoms we can say that whatever the level of income, it is the same symptoms which are always displayed: • Inability to delay gratification and tolerate frustration; • A false sense of entitlement;

• Loss of future motivation;
• Low self-worth;
• A dysfunctional relationship with wealth or money,

These symptoms result in an ever burgeoning debt problem for those who exhibit them. From the boasting of maxing out your latest credit card to the practice of serial consolidation, the end result is the same ... borrow more money to buy more things.

What Causes Affluenza?
In reading about the American dream, one writer actually referred to that as a cause of affluenza we find say and argues that the whole nation just blindly follow a false sense of entitlement "The assumption that money can, should and does buy happiness what I call the myth of the American dream. As a nation, we have developed the false sense of entitlement as well as an inability to delay gratification, which is characteristic of affluenza".

Far from guaranteeing happiness, wealth or the single-minded pursuit of it can destroy happiness, or at the least exacerbate existing problems. The psychological dynamics of affluenza are more complex, and more harmful, than one popularized definition of affluenza as merely "a rich person's disease." People...
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