Affirmative Action a good thing

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Affirmative action can be a good thing and also a bad thing in the same sense. Affirmative active is used as a law to make companies make an effort to prevent discrimination in the workplace and also make it an equal opportunity place of work. Is this the right way to go about this? This is the question that many companies and job hunters ask themselves every day when they are hiring or searching for a job. As a company you must be fair but there are many reasons why the law is not fair in its own sense of the word. Employers must be careful not to hire based on race and other discriminating beliefs that they might have. They must go about it like everybody is on an equal playing field and no one is better than the other. In doing this the government sets the rules in the way that businesses go about hiring people. They set the affirmative action into place to prevent a company from only hiring one ethnicity to the workplace. In a way this can work well for the people coming from a minority group and bad for majorities. For example you might have a white man and a black man trying to get the same job at a company. The white man has a college degree and the black man has some college but is not finished getting the degree. The affirmative action would be put in place if the company didn’t have enough of one or the others ethnicity. In most cases the black man would get the job over the white man because white Caucasians are majority in this country and the African Americans are minorities. To keep from making the black man feel like he was discriminated on this must happen. Is this fair for the white man though? In the white man’s mind he is feeling like he has been reverse discriminated on because he was more qualified but for the simple reason that the other guy was black he got the job. Employers should not be forced to hire people that are not qualified for the job and that’s where this law is very wrong. The government forces the companies to hire these...
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