Affirmative Action Policies Should Be Implemented

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  • Published : March 6, 2010
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Affirmative Action Policies Should be Implemented

Affirmative action policies should be implemented to improve to help propel the company forward. Affirmative action can be a useful tool to help create diversity in the workplace. Implementing affirmative action policies will encourage growth in the company because we will be able to effectively select and hire people, not on the basis of race but on actual qualifications that make a person suitable for a position in the company. Affirmative action policies will also benefit the overall workplace because people will be able to interact with people from other backgrounds, creating a blended work atmosphere. Affirmative action will encourage our company to hire and train minorities that are qualified for positions within the company, without having to compromise the rights of non-minority workers. Support for the Implementation of Affirmative Action

Furthermore, the board needs to realize that we are living in an era, where we cannot afford to have a company, or have the perception that the company, treats people unfairly on the basis of race or any other discriminatory practices. Currently, we do not practice unfair hiring or biased policies in our company, but we can still be a more well-rounded business. It is possible that the members of the board are hesitant to employ affirmative action policies because affirmative action is often a controversial topic. Regardless of the controversy surrounding affirmative action, it is a policy that enables many persons of color to have opportunities that did not exist before affirmative action laws were enacted. There are many reasons to make affirmative action policies a part of the company. A primary suggestion is because many minorities have benefited from affirmative action policies that have lead to the creation of work opportunities, making companies realize the importance of having various groups of people in a work environment. However, as Bohlander and Snell...
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