Affects of Social Media on Children, Teens and Family

Topics: Internet, MySpace, Web 2.0 Pages: 4 (1763 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Social web and its impact on children, adolescents and families Alexandra Hoover
INFO 103: Computer Literacy
Anjit Bose

The impact of the social web on our families, children and teens is something that a lot of people do not always think about before using it, or while using it. The impact the social web has can either be detrimental or very helpful and positive. Of course, this depends on which social web platform is being used and how it is being used. The social web is a set of social relations that link people through the World Wide Web. Joshua porter defines it as: “The Web is more a social creation than a technical one. I designed it for a social effect--to help people work together--and not as a technical toy. The ultimate goal of the Web is to support and improve our weblike existence in the world. We clump into families, associations, and companies. We develop trust across the miles and distrust around the corner. What we believe, endorse, agree with, and depend on is representable and, increasingly, represented on the Web”.[2] Porter, Joshua (2008). Designing for the Social Web. Berkley, CA: New Riders. pp. 1–32. The social web is truly an online community where people come to interact with one another, grown and learn from them. Now, how the social web is sued is solely dependent on the person. The social web is just a tool we use to reach to others in our everyday life. Some may call the social web a “highschoolish” socialization platform. The social web can be very quick to turn on your, depending on how you are using it. The truth is that the social web is usually not a very healthy or good atmosphere for a family, teen or child. Again, this depends on how it is being used and where. Even on the “safe sites” people are open to things that they may not want to see or experience. You may ask what some of the safer sights may be, well, platforms like pinterest can to the eye seem totally harm less, but if a child see’s something...
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