Aerospace Engineer

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My will to become an aerospace engineer comes indirectly from my father. Not that he is an aerospace engineer himself but because he gave me the love of space. Indeed, my father is a formal civil engineer and he spent a big part of his engineer's career to build runways for airports. He used to take me with him on his workplaces when during my childhood. There were many planes taking off and that fascinated me. later, when I was eleven years old, he took me with him in a small plane to show me how the cockpit that moment I decided that I wanted to be a pilot and I did everything in order to realize my dream: I tried to travel by plane as many times as high school, I was not the best in every subject but I was untouchable in math and physics. Unfortunately my dream was broken after I graduated from high school, as I went to pass a test in the company my father worked for, a company that also formed future pilots, to determine if I had the abilities to become a pilot. Unfortunately for me I did not pass the test because of my eye's problem. Indeed, since I am nearsighted, the testers told me I was not qualified for their pilot program. I was really disappointed but I still wanted to find a job related to aerospace, planes and which fitted my abilities in math and physics. I searched on internet and I found the job that matched all the specifications I was aerospace my researches, I also found that engineers' job is to innovate, create new things to ameliorate living conditions to make the world better. Those characteristics caught my attention and really encourage me to in engineering.
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