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  • Published : August 14, 2011
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Appendix C

Creating a Student Profile for Mock Case Study

Apply the information you compiled in Appendix B to create a profile of a student with at least one exceptionality. Compile details about the student within this matrix. You will post the shaded portion in Week Eight for Discussion Question 1 and use the matrix in its entirety for your Final Project.

|Requirement |Details | |Name, age, and grade of child |Name: Sarah | | |Age: 5 | | |Grade: Kindergarten | |Detailed description of child’s |At home Sarah’s parents speak Spanish but she has an older brother that speaks both | |behavior and interactions at home |English and Spanish. She becomes confused on which language to speak and therefore doesn’t| |and school |talk much. At school Sarah points to objects and mumbles instead of using her words. | |Strengths of child |High scores in drawing, coloring and expressing herself. Follows directions step by step | | |and carries out the task successfully. Listens well and is still while listening to the | | |instructions. Plays well with other children her age. | |Interests or affinities of child | | | |Coloring, drawing, making friends | |Areas in need of improvement |...
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