Aed 200 Week 4

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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Week 4 Assignment
When it comes to random student locker searches, I feel that all teachers have the responsibility to give any information that they may have concerning any illegal acts that their students are involved in. If this information leads to the administration searching that student’s locker, then it is being done to make sure all the students are being kept safe. I do not feel that anyone’s locker should be searched without a significant amount of proof or suspicion. It should not be done just because the student is considered a trouble maker. Though a student may be breaking the law or rules of the school, I feel that the student still has the right to have their privacy protected. When searching the locker, I feel that some discretion needs to be taken. Allowing the student body to know why and when another student’s locker is being searched would be, in my opinion, considered an infringement on their privacy. I feel that all of the students rights should always be protected. It goes with the old rule of thumb, innocent until proven guilty. Even when found guilty, the rights of the students should still be protected, but only to the extent that it maintains the safety of the student body. For example, if nothing is found during the search, not only could this be embarrassing to the student, it could also be an embarrassment to the school administration. On the other hand, if a gun were to be found in the student’s locker, then that student would not have the right to just leave the school. Their rights would be limited in order to keep the rest of the students safe.

When it comes to the learning environment and the students’ rights, I feel that the teachers do have the right to infringe on the students rights in order to improve the learning environment in some instances. For example, all students have the right to an education. I feel they lose this right if they are not conducting themselves respectfully to the teachers or even the other...
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