Adventure Story

Topics: Library, Dog, Odie Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Beep, beep, beep! “Aww morning already” exclaimed Mason as he tried to fall back asleep. After he realized it probably wasn’t going to happen he got up and went through his usual routine in the morning. He woke up at 7:15 sharp, and brushed his teeth then combed his hair. He went downstairs, made a bowl of cereal, and poured some orange juice. After finishing his breakfast he then went upstairs to his bedroom. He didn’t realize it yet but he was about to discover something he never knew was there before. He walked into his bedroom and saw something he took a closer look at it he thought it was some kind of a secret door that matched his wallpaper. Out of curiosity he walked over to it and then opened it. He walked right into what he made out to be an attic. “How could this be in my room all this time without me knowing?” thought Mason. He looked around; all he saw was cobwebs and bookshelves. “Wait, bookshelves”? He thought to himself as he sprinted over to them. He ran right up to one and grabbed a book he’d been dying to read. He curled up right in front of a bookshelf and as he leaned back… creek bam! The bookshelf made a complete rotation of 360 degrees. He found himself in a pitch black room; he tried feeling against the wall for a light switch. Mason was surprised to find one after about 20 seconds of looking. He flipped on the light switch and looked around. He thought what he was seeing kind of looked like an old library. He started looking at the books; he noticed the book he was looking at was published in 1877. Then kept looking and realized the newest book was from the 1930’s! After about 10 minutes of looking around he started hearing a noise. He kept hearing it; he thought it sounded like a dog bark. It began getting louder and louder. He started looking for the source, but soon after he gave up, and started looking at the books again. He was shocked by the rotation of another bookshelf after attempting to pull a book out. Out...
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