Advent Movement

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The Exodus of Ancient Israel from Ancient Egypt And the Exodus of Modern Israel From Modern Spiritual Babylon By Taylor Bunch This series of thirty-six sermons on the parallels between ancient and modern Israel in the Exodus and Advent movements were delivered during the Sabbath afternoon vesper services in the Battle Creek Tabernacle. They are being published in this form for the special accommodation of those who heard them, and also because of requests from ministers and other gospel workers who desire them. This series is of special value in meeting apostates and divergent movements, and in establishing Seventh-day Adventists in "the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."


Certainty of Truth. Luke 1:1-4. We are living in a world of uncertainty where there is nothing sure but God and His truth. If we pass safely through the perils of the last days we must know individually the certainties of the foundations of our faith. Satan is now making his last and fiercest attack on the remnant against whom he is furiously angry. Revelation 12:12. As we near the end of the conflict Satan will make his supreme and most desperate effort to shake our confidence in the word of God and the message of salvation for this time. Under this attack many will lose faith and cast away their confidence. Hebrews 10:35-39. Just before the return of Jesus many will get off on side issues and allow themselves to be sidetracked from the main line of the message. We can only reach our destination by keeping on the main line. A Sure Foundation. 2 Timothy 2:15-19. "Yet God's solid foundation stands unmoved, bearing this inscription, 'The Lord knows those who really belong to Him' and this also, 'Let everyone who names the name of the Lord renounce all wickedness."—Wey. The seal that makes the foundation sure is God's acknowledgment that we are His because we have departed from all iniquity. A "seal" is defined as "that which authenticates, confirms, ratifies, makes stable; that which effectually secures." That which makes the foundation of God's church-temple secure and stable and effectually secures all who build on it, is victory over sin through faith in Christ. These alone are acknowledged as His and in them He is well pleased. A mere knowledge of the truth is not enough to constitute a sure foundation. Many who have such a knowledge are apostatizing and their character-buildings are crashing before the storm. The Bulwarks of Zion. Psalm 48:12-14. The time has come when every believer in the threefold message should walk about Zion and count her towers, mark well her bulwarks, and consider her strongholds to see if they will stand the strain of the coming storm. This is the purpose of this series of studies when we can together make this examination. "A good character must be built up brick by brick, everyday growing in proportion to the effort put forth.....A storm is arising that will wrench and test the spiritual foundation of everyone to the utmost. Therefore avoid the sand-bed; hunt for the rock. Dig deep; lay your foundation sure. Build, oh build for eternity. Build with tears and heart-felt prayers."—Vol. 5:129, 130. See Matthew 7:24-27; Luke 6:47-49. Both builders had a knowledge of the word and therefore it is not the amount of known truth but of obeyed truth that constitutes the sure and safe foundation. Present Truth. 2 Peter 1:10-13,16,19. Every generation has had its message of present truth for that time and the eternal destiny of those who heard it depended upon their attitude toward it. This was true of the Antediluvians and the message of Noah; of Sodom and Gomorrah and the message of Lot; of Nineveh and the message of Jonah; of ancient Israel and the message of Elijah; of the Jewish nation and the threefold message of John the Baptist, Christ and the apostles. It is equally true of the threefold message of Revelation 14 which is present truth for this generation. "Different periods in the...
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