Advantages of Being Deaf and Blind

Topics: Sense, Sound, Sensory system Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: October 25, 2012
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It is hard to think of advantages of being deaf and blind when you have had sight and sound your whole life. However, when you stop and think, you realize that there are actually quite a few. If you are deaf and blind you will have a heightened sense of your other senses, such as smell, taste and touch. That part of your brain has to work harder and is therefore stronger than other people with all of the senses. Telemarketers tend not to call if they know the person is deaf or hard of hearing. One way to get rid of some telemarketer calls would be to hand the phone to a deaf person. Noises that would bother a hearing person trying to get to sleep would not bother a deaf person. Those noises would include but not be limited to engines revving, crickets, and large cities. You would not have to listen to people or other things of you did not wish to. If you had a hearing aid, there is always the off button. When you are sharing the bed with a person that snores it wouldn’t bother you since you can’t hear him or her as it might bother a hearing person. When there is a storm with lightening and thunder it would not bother you because you wouldn’t be able to hear the loud booms and cracks. You would more than likely sleep as peaceful as any other night. Also not being able to hear means you would become a very skilled lip reader. With this skill you could read other peoples conversation if you so desired. There is also the benefit of not hearing gossip or vulgar language in places and about things that hearing people would. You don’t have to listen to the annoying elevator music or off-key singers.

If you are blind you will see all things differently than any sighted person. You cannot be racist to a person at first unless they tell you what race they are. Judging a person by how they look or what they wear would not apply to you because it would not make a difference. You would not see all the terrible things that can and do happen in this...
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