Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots

Topics: Robot, Global Positioning System, Sensor Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Discussion / Recommendation
1) The article or journal that we found from different sources especially the internet gave us an enormous awareness about the robots, at its most basic a robot is a machine that senses the world, processes the sensor information with a computer and then does something in response to that information (such as moving or turning). A robot isn’t just a computer. A desktop computer can “sense” that you are typing or moving the mouse, but the computer itself doesn’t move or act in the physical world.

2) The sources also gave us an inspiration to create our own robots although we do not have the enough knowledge to build one, our excitement towards robots were sky rocking.

3) The article about robots gave us the information all about robots; benefits, usage, characteristics and even the picture of upcoming future. 4) The journal that we had discovered was very helpful to know about some vital part in robots such as processors, neural scheme, Random Access Memory, Human Intelligence Technology, cameras to find objects, people, or other robots, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers to determine the robot’s location, laser rangefinders to determine the distance between the robot and other objects, light sensors to detect how bright the robot’s environment is, the temperature sensors to detect how hot or cold the robot’s environment is and finally the touch sensors to tell the robot if it has bumped into something .

5) Our team realised that the people around the world need this magnificent technology or more to a convenient man’s moving gadget as it might be the mankind’s historical invention.

Learning Outcome

1) The research about robots really helped us to upgrade our team cooperative level, interactions and even leadership quality. 2) It also helped us to know our team’s strength; never give hope finding data and a better understanding between the members. 3) Finally, the research about robots...
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