Advantages and Disadvantages of Growing Up in a Nuclear Family

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A Nuclear Family
oA "nuclear" family is two parents of opposite sex and their children. A nuclear family, named from the idea of it being the family at the "nucleus" of other family groups, consists of a father, mother and any number of their children. It is defined by blood relation of the parents and children and the marriage of the parents. Because this term does not include other variations of family units, it is becoming antiquated as it is more common to see families that do not fit into its constructs. The Extended Family

oAn extended family consists of all relatives outside of your immediate family. The extended family is family is usually define by some common genetic lineage that falls outside of the nuclear family. It consists of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. It can be traced back for many generations and can be quite large. In the United States, it is less common for extended families to share a home as it is in some other countries. Families Around the World

oIn other cultures cousins would be considered part of the nuclear family. The general description of "nuclear" and "extended" families was created around the the early 1900s. In other parts of the world, the definition of "nuclear" family may be different and include aunts, uncles and cousins that wouldn't be defined as "nuclear" or "immediate" families in most Western cultures. Societies in Africa, Asia, Latin America and many other parts of the world include family other than parents and siblings as their "immediate" family. Problems with the definition of nuclear family

oAdoption is one of the variations of family that is not represented by the term "nuclear family." The term "nuclear family" does not adequately cover what most people consider family. Today, there is a diverse range of family groups. Marriage, divorce, adoption, same-sex couples and single-parent homes make up a large number of family units are not represented within the description of "nuclear" family

This is known as a family which contains two parents and one child the nuclear family creates a stable environment so children raised in this family with the same parents during their growing years have a higher likelihood of having stability in their relationship and emotional bonding. Also this family provides a sense of consistency because when children grow up in a nuclear family, they get a sense consistency, especially when it also includes closeness with other members of the family such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. It also provides them with learning skills as children usually get far more extensive training in life skills living in a nuclear family. For instance, mothers usually teach their children relationship skills, like emotional response skills and how to have smooth relations with others, while fathers, in general, teach their children handiwork skills and sports skills, like fixing things around the house or hitting a baseball, as well as how to deal with the world outside. Lastly this sort of family upbringing allows physical and emotional support. The Nuclear family usually have more physical and emotional resources with which they can reinforce the whole. Through observing their parents and by following the examples set by them, children learn how to help in the building of the family

My brother and his wife, when there were only two kids, together with my sister-in-law's Mom.

Ideally, when a man and a woman gets married, they move out of their parents' homes and get their own place. However, because of many situations that include, primarily, financial lack, most young married couples are forced to live with the parents of either the bride or the groom until such time that they are able to afford to live on their own. Also, there are many instances that parents who are in their senior years live with their adult children and their families so that they won't have to live in nursing homes. There are also...
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