Advantages and Disadvantages of Evidence Based Policing

Topics: Crime, Assault, Crime in the United States Pages: 3 (712 words) Published: October 11, 2011
Jouca Young
Strayer University

CRJ 105
L. Hanson
April 22, 2010


Aggravated assault is a more serious form of threat than an ordinary assault. This may be because the threat is made with a deadly weapon, or with the intent to rape or murder. Also most victims have been associated with the person attaching them. A violent crime is a crime in which the offender uses or threatens to use violent force upon the victim. Violent crimes include crimes committed with and without weapons. The violent act is the objective such as murders, as well as crimes to where violence is the means to an end. This type of assault is more than likely to be accompanied by the use of a weapon or by any means necessary to produce death or great bodily harm.

Each crime program collects and reports crime data and the limitations associated with the data. It reviews the history of the UCR, NIBRS and the NCVS combined, it compares the similarities and differences. It measures the effectiveness of local law enforcement and provides the law with the data that can be used to fight crime. There are two methods of the collection of crime data: the traditional summary reporting system and the NIBRS. These two collect a vast amount of data that is accessed by the general public, media, researchers and others regarding the levels of crime in the United States. The UCR also provides some of the most commonly cited crime stats in the United States it permits statistical analysis. These crimes are measured by requiring that the number of offenses to be divided by an accurate account of the population.

According to several studies, when community and personal economic status is comparable between whites and blacks, there are no significant racial crime differences. Poor people are more violent and prone to crime than the middle class or the wealthy. Black criminals seem to...
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