Advantages and Disadvantages of Building a Factory in Your Community

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  • Published : November 7, 2008
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Factory gathers resources-workers and capital. There are advantages and disadvantages of building a large factory near my community. A large factory may strengthen economy of the community. On the other hand, a large factory may create environmental problems. Factory creates new employment opportunities and increases economical development of the community. The first pro of building a factory is that it can create new employment opportunities for my community. For example, some people may get constructor jobs while others may work in a ready-made factory. Also, building a factory can increase the community’s economy. More money might go to the community budget. As a result, new schools, hospitals and children organizations may be built. Building a large factory may make people’s life better in my community.

Environmental problems are the cons of having a large factory nearby. Having a factory can be the first reason of increasing of air pollution. Because of that people may have different respiratory illnesses. Person who already has respiratory disease could gain chronic illness that is not cured. A large factory might provoke acid rains. Acid rains may increase the acidity of soil and water and as a result harmed crops and trees. Also acid rains erode buildings. Hence, people need extra money to repair their homes.

As for me, I support the building the factory. The factory may create new employment opportunities and may increase the economy of the community. New schools, hospitals and children organizations may be built. I think that building the factory will change people’s life in a better way!
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