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Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Mobile phone radiation and health Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: May 4, 2011
Health Effects
Electromagnetic radiation from cell phones may cause health problems. Rigorous studies are being carried out to know about the negative effects of cell phones. Sleep deprivation, stress and brain problems have been linked to overuse of cell phones, and are considered as the possible effects of cell phone radiation. Some studies have reported that cell phone usage can trigger male infertility symptoms. But nothing has been proved yet, though we can lessen mobile use to some extent.

Children Suffer
Children have been found to have some worrisome effects of mobile phone usage. Since they have weaker immune system, thinner skin and developing nervous system, waves generated from mobile phones can harm their body cells. It has been found that children can absorb radio waves to a far greater extent than adults.

Legal Issues
Mobile phones come with cameras and hence this has led to hundreds of thousands of cases pending in courts about privacy problems. There have been instances in the past, in countries like Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea, where a ban was imposed on camera phones, making it a strict rule to sell only those cell phones that come with an appreciable click sound! Moreover, crime rate has also increased with miscreants like robbers and terrorists pursuing their nefarious schemes through mobile phones.

Driving and Mobile Phones
If not anything, this is certainly one of the most dangerous disadvantages of cell phones. In the US, cell phone and driving have become a major concern among traffic officials. The seriousness of this issue in the eyes of the federal government was highlighted when a US court in 2009, imposed a whopping million dollar fine for talking on phone while driving, on a Texan driver. It is the highest fine imposed in the world, for someone using mobile phone while driving. Many accidents can be averted if people are cautious, and avoid cell phone usage while driving.

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