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BAO3312 Advanced Management AccountingSem 1 2011
Tutorial Class Participation / Learning Journal

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WeekAttended Tute: Yes/NoDescribe participation and/or contributions made (if any) Reflect on and describe 1 important learning point from this week’s reading /case ( length guide: 50-75 words a week); Do not just list what topics were discussed; describe a valuable learning point for you and explain why so. 1YESAsked questions in relation to the group assignment, journal entries and test.Went through case study and what Advanced Management Accounting is all about. Learnt about distinguishing between major and minor problems. When going through the case study, I received a better understanding of fixed and variable costs and how to best differentiate between them. 2YESAsked questions in regards to the case study: "Southwest Airlines Corporation" - questions asked included; Why company was not considering international flights (as they had the funds to do so)?.In going over Southwest Airlines, I relised that certain strategies taken by organisations can have a significant impact on the profits. I also relised that all organisations operate differently and each organisation must work on what best suits them - this also depends on the type of industry. 3YESStudied value chain, put in my opinion as to how certain entities lower their costs.Learnt about the value chain, discussed how organisations differ and how one organisation has lower costs to another. Was placed into assignment group. Was explained how assignment works and which cases we must look at. I was made aware that there are going to be 2 parts of the assignment (shareholders and consultants), as a shareholder, we must ask consultants questions, which consultants must be prepared for. WeekAttended Tute: Yes/NoDescribe participation and/or contributions made (if any) Reflect on and...
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