Adult Learning Theory - Foundations of Online Learning

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Adult Learning Theory
Foundations of Online Learning

Adult learning theory has come a long way since its development in the nineteen seventies. With the advancement of technology more people have the opportunity to continue their education. Also with the realization that adults learn from association classes can be tailored for adults to learn with greater efficiently. This is recognized by not only educational establishments but by companies around the world. Where there is the ability to improve people and productivity adult learning theory is being applied. In this paper you will learn how this has come about and how the benefits can and are being felt.

Adult Learning Theory
Learning is something we do from the time we are born until the day we die. As people age and mature they start collecting the memories of experiences they have endured over the years. These experiences shape a person’s outlook of life and change the way they interact with others. A person’s background and experiences from childhood change even how they learn new things during the course of their life. As a person gets older and has collected experiences they start to relate new experiences to their old experiences. People that might have struggled as a child learning new things sometime find it easier to learn by relating experiences. The idea that adults learn from association easier is the basic principle for most adult learning theories, but there are many variations on adult learning and how it is most effectively used to benefit people and companies.

Adapting learning styles to adults has become something that is a constantly changing field of study. The basis of adult learning is set on the simple fact “the environment helps to shape the learning processes of an individual.” (Jackson 2009) This is normally true as everyone’s environment is different and how people are affected by their environment is different. Most people that were brought up in private...
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