Adolf Hitler and Civil Rights Movement

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany, Suicide Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: January 6, 2013
When there is wrong doings and silence remains, that gives the impression that it is acceptable. If something is being done and nothing is said about it, that gives the assumption that is okay and will carry on with the same act. Being scared to stand up for yourself or others is one thing but when enough is enough it’s time to speak up. Not doing so creates multiple issues. Firstly, as I stated before not speaking up makes it acceptable but think about the person or people that are treated harshly. They’re going to feel like that’s how their supposed to be treated and they should continue on allowing it. It lowers self esteem, and only the bully is getting something out of it. There is never a reason to deny someone for who they are without really knowing them. Judging someone because of race, religion or even where they come from doesn’t let that person really tell who they are. Someone with a different race, religion or background could have the same personality of another person and they could really get. But because of prejudging, it doesn’t give anyone the chance to show true colors, what motivates them and just what they care about. It makes it even worst when someone doesn’t speak up for what’s right. Fear is a strong emotion that many can’t control. Fear is powerful enough to take over what one knows is right. For instance, with the Holocaust people were afraid to speak up to the Nazis or Hitler because of the fear of death. When it comes down to life or death that’s a hard decision to pick, especially knowing that you have to risk your life for others is a lot of pressure. Even looking back, I know that some of the survivors must have wished they would have stood up for themselves and everybody else but that’s easier said than done. Remaining silent may be wrong but with the time and place of the situation, there may not be no other choice. And since that decision was made horrible things happened in conclusion. Facing life or death situations is...
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