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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Caroline Pantofel3/18/12
Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria. He was born in Austria on April 20, 1889 in the small village of Braunau on the River Inn near the Germany border. Adolf Hitler’s father, Alois Hitler, was fifty-two years old when Adolf was born. Alois was very strict and worked as a customs official. Adolf Hitler’s mom, Klara Hitler, was in her twenties a when she gave birth to Adolf.

In the first thirty years of Adolf Hitler’s life, he failed at most of the things he did. Adolf Hitler was a high school dropout. He went to the high school Realschule in Linz. His poor grades and constant failure forced him to quit school at sixteen. Adolf Hitler never received a diploma. Adolf Hitler blamed his lack of interest in school on his father and teachers. Adolf Hitler said that he purposely failed to get back at his father, who he hated. He also called teachers stupid and boring. The truth was that Adolf Hitler’s mom pampered and overprotected Hitler as a child and because she did this he revolted against his stern father, and every other authority figure.

While Hitler was young he suffered from hallucinations. His fantasy was to tear down and rebuild the whole city of Linz. Adolf Hitler used to walk around the city with a notebook in hand studying the layout of the city and making sketches of the changes to be made. He was once even seen giving a passionate speech in the middle of an open field.

Adolf Hitler was also very lazy. Adolf Hitler never held a regular job before coming the dictator of Germany. When Hitler’s father died, Hitler’s mother was forced to support the family because Adolf Hitler refused to get a job.

When Adolf Hitler was eighteen in 1907 he moved to Vienna. He insisted on his mom sending him allowance to live on, and then proceeded to live in high style. Adolf Hitler attended the opera several times a week, dressed in fine clothes, and had the vision on being a great architect or artist. Adolf...
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