Adolf Eichmann I-Search

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Adam McShane
May 4, 2011
Honors American Lit.
Adolf Eichmann I-SEARCH

Adolf Eichmann
The Holocaust, an event in the 1930's and 40's that changed the world greatly. It was responsible for the killing of 6 million European Jews. Many people think Adolf Hitler was the evil man who was in charge of the ruthless genocide of these people. However, he is not. Adolf Eichmann is the man responsible for creating the "Final Solution" the plan to extreminate the Jewish race.

I had many questions while thinking how I should go about writing this I-SEARCH paper. When I began writing this paper, I knew nothing about Adolf Eichmann. Doing the paper on him was a mere suggestion from my father. I quickly learned that he worked his way up through the S.S. and was put in charge of implementing the "Final Solution". Some of the questions I had were, how was Eichmann put in charge of making the "Final Solution"? When was the plan implemented? What were his feelings about the job he did? Were there any other attempts to remove the Jews before the final plan?

My search process was rather lengthy and slow, but I ended up learning a lot about how I wanted to search for items. I began by simply searching "Adolf Eichmann" on Google and found massive amounts of websites. I browsed several and chose a few that had enormous amounts of information. After finding those two, I still was in need of one more source that is not a website. Talking to my father about he, He told me about a film created in 2001, called "Conspiracy". It was an excellent source, capturing the planning for the Final Solution in one meeting, involving many important officials such as Heydrich Himmler and Adolf Eichmann. That was my most difficult to source to get a hold of seeing as it is a movie, but I found it just in time and was able to use it for my writing.

The two internet sources I found were loaded with pages information about the Adolf Eichmann and the Final Solution. After going through the pages, dividing the facts up and putting them on my note cards, I was able to have all the organized facts necessary to begin writing my paper.

Adolf Eichmann was an ordinary young man who worked at several jobs. He had failed to complete studying a career in engineering, so he had never had a real job. In 1932, Eichmann was 26 and out of work and joined the Austrian Nazi Party. He steadily worked his way up in the party and worked as an SS officer at the Dachau Concentration Camp. He was relieved of his duties there, and became a filing clerk in Heydrich's SD, the powerful SS security service. His role as the filing clerk was to collect information about all prominent Jews. This job was the beginning of Adolf's interest in the Jews. He studied many aspects of the Jewish culture. He went to Jewish meetings, and Jewish areas in cities and took volumes of notes [ (The History Place) ]. Eichmann even went to a Rabbi and paid the man to teach him how to speak some Yiddish. The SS officers were amazed he knew how to speak Yiddish and joked that he should've thrown the Rabbi in jail for being Jewish and he could've gotten his lessons for free [ (Branagh, Bullus and Tucci) ]. Eichmann gained the attention of Heinrich Himmler and he was promoted to heading a new SD Scientific Museum of Jewish Affairs. Himmler then requested that Eichmann should investigate possible "Solutions to the Jewish question" [ (The History Place) ].

After the Nazi takeover of Austria in 1938, Eichmann was moved to Vienna and put in charge of the "Office for Jewish Emigration". He was in charge of issuing permits for Jews that desperately wanted to leave Austria. He became involved in extorting wealth in return for safe passage. Nearly a hundred thousand Jews managed to leave Austria and most had turned over all of their prized possessions. This concept was so successful that two more Emigration Offices were established in Prague and Berlin [ (The History Place) ]....
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