Adolescent Drug Abuse Essay

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  • Published : August 30, 2011
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Adolescent Drug Abuse
Brandon Walker
February 3, 2011
Danielle Porter

Adolescent Drug Abuse
Adolescent drug abuse in America and the World is a huge problem, and that is exactly how I view it, a problem. A problem by definition is anything that is eventfully a hazard or concern to all intelligent beings. Adolescent drug abuse is by far a hazard to and a concern to most all intelligent beings. This problem has become a huge epidemic in our society and throughout the World; some might say that this is an issue and not a problem, but I believe that all might see this behavior as unacceptable. An issue is a matter about which intelligent, informed people disagree to some extent; I can not see that any intelligent being would disagree here; adolescent drug abuse is a problem. The problems facing our society about adolescent drug users as I see them are relative in term but by far not simple. Drug abuse in itself causes an illusion of reality, a temporary change of mental state. If given the proper time the individual consuming these drugs may begin to alter his or her perspective on reality, and themselves. The physical and psychological damage done to the abuser is of grave sadness as well. The changes made to the individual can be long term or short term dependent upon the extensiveness of the drug abuse. The drugs are also addictive so the individual user does take on a habitual state, and the individual will begin to care for the drugs more than themselves. Eventually, self-absorption will lead to their ruin as an unhealthy habit and carelessness takes control. Do we not see how this effect on an individual is a problem? You in your intelligent state, would you wish this upon yourself or anyone else? I do not think so; I justify my statement that this is a problem. Not all adolescent drug users reach a state to where they are completely out of control, but if the problem is not taken care of it can reach its full potential. For most...
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