Administrator Interview: Principal Tom Ryan

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Administrator Interview

For class I was to find and administrator in charge of hiring CTE teachers and find the answers to ten interview questions. I am fortunate enough to be teaching at a CTE school and was able to interview my principal. I interviewed Principal Tom Ryan, who’s the main campus principal The interview was held face to face in his office on September 28, 2012. This interview was very helpful in learning an administrator’s views and thoughts of important issues associated with CTE teachers and CTE programs. Mr. Ryan was very detailed and honest during the interview. I started the interview by asking Mr. Ryan what strengths and weakness he has seen in new CTE instructors. He thought for a moment before giving a very thought out response. The strengths ; knowledge of subject content, familiarity with current pedagogy, compliant because not tenured, enthusiastic, recent employment in industry related field-familiar with real world operations, Weaknesses: uncertified –salary reduction, classroom management skills, not used to working in government bureaucracy, unrealistic expectations pertain to student enthusiasm and behavior, unfamiliar with operating procedures, typically experienced in field but not educated in effective teaching techniques and strategies. (T. Ryan, personal communication, September 27, 2012). After reflecting upon his answer there was one point that stands out the most. I strongly agree with his thoughts that new teachers have a difficult time dealing with class management strategies. College prepares one academically for over three years but only offer a short time of practicum experience in the field. When teachers learn to effectively implement classroom management strategies and discipline they can engage students in learning activities for more than 90 percent of allocated time (Cangelosi, 1990, pp. 13-20). Mr. Ryan shared his thoughts of what skills he believed would best help newly hired teachers. Beyond subject...
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