Administrative Management Essay

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Administrative Management
Timothy Bower
ENG 122
Jamie Cooper
July 11, 2010

Administrative Management
When it comes to running the daily operations of a corporation, administrative management comes into play. One takes for granted the background core of a business organization. It is then the intent of this essay to briefly describe the major management departments that keep a corporation operating. A good starting point would be people involved.

Every major corporation has a department whose main objective is the overseeing of the people working for that corporation or business. It could be a fast food chain to a major department store. Health service’s to every type of insurance company has a department that takes care of its personnel. This department is commonly known as “Human Resources.”

Let us start from the beginning of the human resource agenda. Whenever a person is seeking employment with a company or business, the first place they would visit is the office of human resources. Should the applicant meet all the requirements of the position they are seeking, hopefully they are hired with the company. It is the duties of the office of human resources to make sure each and every employee is aware of their duties they are responsible for. Another duty of the human resource manager is to put together all the important papers that accompany a new hire. These papers include; offer and acceptance of position, wage or salary agreement, income tax forms and any benefit package forms the company wishes to offer.

The human resources department is where all applicants are trained for their hired positions. The training manager will start off with a welcome letter that is followed by a description of what their training experience will entail. Most new hire training sessions can last as long as fourteen days. Depending on the position and knowledge needed for the position.

Once a new hire is trained they are sent to their new department where they will be performing their job. Each department in a business or corporation has a department manager. It is the responsibility of the department manager to oversee the daily operations of their departments. The duties of the department manager can entail the scheduling of their department associates to handling the decisions of customer service overrides. This is when the associate needs the approval of a manager on a management decision. Usually the customer gets their way in all decisions. To quote Henry Mintzberg, a McGill business professor in Montreal Canada, “Management is not a science or a profession. Rather, it is a practice where expertise is gained is a messy milieu made up of uncertainties, enormous pressures, demanding stake holders, and incessant competition.” (Subramanian, 2010).

Every department manager has a department supervisor. It is the duties of the department supervisor to oversee the daily operations of their departments. The department manager usually reports to the department supervisor. Their duties include; making sure their departments are fully stocked of merchandise. They also instruct the tagging team of upcoming sales, so that merchandise is properly priced for the upcoming sale (Using a department store as an example). It is the department supervisor who answers to the assistant manager of the store.

The assistant manager of the business or corporation is the person who is in charge of all operations going on in each department. Their immediate supervisor would be the business manager. The assistant manager usually has the deciding vote on all new hires in their store or business. With any business or corporation, the bottom line is the customer. Without having customers a business or corporation cannot make the numbers needed to exist. Numbers are a major entity in following a business’s productivity. Ken Blanchard, Author of the “One Minute Manager” states, “We listen to...
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