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Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, Educational psychology, Attention Pages: 31 (10722 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Observation Overview
Observation site
I completed my observation at Kerkstra Elementary School, located in Oak Forest, Illinois, which serves grades 1-5 in the Forest Ridge School District 142. Kerkstra has received a Great Schools Rating of 7 out of 10, based on its performance on state standardized tests. One of Forest Ridge School District 142's four public schools, G. Kerkstra focuses on a portion of the district’s first- through fifth-grade student population. Kerkstra educates 402 students; 33 of those participate in the district's special education co-ops. Kerkstra currently employs 20 Fulltime teachers; which creates a student/teacher ratio of 19.9. The school prides itself on an environment that promotes respectful, open, friendly and caring attitudes in its well-rounded students. Students are also eligible for the STAR program (Students' Talents and Abilities are Recognized). The program is designed to identify students who have mastered areas of the regular curriculum. Those students then are encouraged to participate in small group classes, special activities and projects. Student

The student I was fortunate enough to observe is currently in the Second Grade, with her chronological age being 7.2. This student will be identified by her pseudonym name “Sarah Jones” to protect the student’s privacy.

Student Overview
Sarah, a 7yr, 2 month old female has been diagnosed with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Combined type: Both inattention and hyperactivity impulsivity symptoms, .and is classified within her IEP as (OHI) Other Health Impairment. Sarah’s classroom teacher’s concerns included poor comprehension of stories, difficult following directions, delayed response to directions/questions, cannot generalize Her mother’s concerns included she “spaces out” and that her falls have decreased her balance plus concern regarding an auditory processing delay. Sarah received speech and language scores all within the average range of ability except for her receptive vocabulary taken from the PPV III. was a (SS 75). Her IEP outlines that she would benefit from language therapy that focuses on expanding and strengthening her vocabulary use along with other special education services to help improve her success in the school setting. Health History

Janet Jones, Sarah’s mother, provided the information for this health history. She stated that she was 31 years old and Father was 32 years old when Sarah was born. She was on blood thinners during pregnancy due to a previous still born birth. Mother has been diagnosed with Asthma and took class C steroids approved for use during pregnancy and used an inhaler when necessary. She denied alcohol and drug use during pregnancy, but did use cigarettes. Sarah was born by scheduled Cesarean Section. Her birth weight was 6lbs. 15 oz. She received oxygen for 1 hour after birth and received regular nursery care. During her first year she did have multiple ear infections and Bronchitis. She was given Good Start Formula for the first year. Developmental milestones that Mom recalled were as follows: She sat unsupported at 6months old, crawled at 10 months old, and walked at 17months old. She was potty trained at 4yrs old. At 2 years old she was only saying 3-4 words, she was not talking at 26 months old, so she began speech therapy at that time. Sarah began to successfully put words together in sentences at 3 yrs. old. The speech therapist reported to Mom that she felt Sarah was not talking due to laziness and because she had older siblings. Concern was expressed to the pediatrician regarding delay in walking and talking. Sarah was seen in the E.R for an allergic reaction to Omnicef, an antibiotic she was given for an ear infection and Bronchitis. At 17 months old she sustained a concussion by bumping her head on a post and was seen in the E.R. Follow up review revealed no complications were found.

Sarah was diagnosed...
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