Addictions: a Disease of the Brain

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A Disease of the Brain

Chad Steelmon
Dual Enrollment English 101
Mrs. Munger
December 14, 2012
Through years past and years presently, addictions have grown and changed in style and substance. The leaders in substance addictions transpose every year with the usual frontrunners of alcohol and tobacco. Addictions are truly a disease that is extremely hard to overcome, but it can be done. With endurance and acceptability to setbacks, an addiction can become a life lesson to the past addict and others who hear their story. Addictions happen when someone lets down their guard and allow a drug to control their life. Experts in how addictions begin and how they can be overcome are working every day to help prevent the next addictive drug and to help those who have already become addicted. There are many associations that help addicts overcome their problem. These problems can range from an addiction to shopping to any type of hardcore drug. There are many different types of addictions as well as different types of treatments.

Addiction: A Disease of the Brain
Millions of Americans are affected by addictions. Having an addiction is not just the failure of one’s will or character; it is a disease of the brain. Addictions are a serious problem, but remember not everyone who takes a hit of a drug or a sip of alcohol will become addicts. Addictions are developed because of a mixture of genetics and one’s surrounding environment. Having an addiction is a disease of the brain. It is a disease that can be controlled or even overcome. Many people do not understand the complexity of why some users become addicted while others can control their use. Addicts not only hurt themselves with continued use but they hurt their surrounding friends, family, and anyone they may be accountable to. Many believe quitting an addiction is just a matter of choosing to change their behavior, when in fact it is not. An addiction is something that changes a brain and has a stronghold on the life of the one with the problem. So when it comes to quitting, even if the person is ready and willing to do so, it is still a drawn out and difficult process. To understand addiction and what it does to a person who develops it is hard to understand to someone other than the addict. The best way for a person to do to understand is to understand these questions which are the steps that are included in the addiction process:

1. What are the different types of addiction?
2. How does an addiction begin?
3. What are treatments to an addiction and how does an addict respond to them? Understanding these three simple questions is one way a person can inform themselves on addiction. It is a disease of the brain, a grip on a person’s life, and something that not only hurts the life of the addict but the lives of all those involved with the person’s addiction.

What are the Different Types of Addiction?
There are many different kinds of addiction. Some people are addicted to substances such as alcohol, illegal drugs such as cocaine or heroin, prescription drugs such as Valium or sleeping pills, nicotine in cigarettes or other tobacco products, and caffeine in coffee, tea or colas. People can also be addicted to activities such as using the internet, eating, gambling, sex, work, exercise, shopping, etc. 1 There can be multiple addictions with just one addict. Furthermore, alcohol and drug dependence doesn't only affect the addict; it can hurt the lives of an addict’s friends, family, and even the people they work with. Any type of person can develop an addiction, regardless of their personal character traits, physical traits, or their childhood upbringing. Each year, one in four deaths in the United States can be attributed to alcohol, tobacco or illegal drug use (Addictions, 2012). In 2007, more than three-fourths of the approximated 17.4 million alcohol or drug abusers had a job. Alcohol users are...
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