Adderall: Effects and Abuse

Topics: Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Informative Speech Outline: Brittany Frye Title: Adderall Effects & Abuse

Topic: Adderall Effects & Abuse Specific Purpose: To inform why people take Adderall, what it does to the body and how and why it is abused. Thesis Statement: To inform why people take Adderall, what it does to the body and how and why it is abused. Audience Appeal: College students are the biggest abusers. Introduction Attention material: I know first had what it’s like to have so much on your plate. • Between school, work and a child it gets stressful • College students all over the country turn to prescription drugs to help them get their work done • Adderall, Concerta & Ritalin are examples of medical prescriptions for ADHD • All these are highly abused • A study at Radford University says, “ Adderall is abused for many different reasons. Some abusers use the drug to “get high” “ (Monson, Schoenstadt 2007) • Starts out as innocent but can shortly turn into serious addiction and health risks

Preview: Many people don’t understand why Adderall is truly needed for some people, what it does to your body & how it becomes addictive and abused.

Body Main Point #1: Why is Adderall needed for some? How does it happen? A. Needed to help with people who suffer from ADHD or narcolepsy B. The definition of ADHD “ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is an early onset, biological disorder, classified by 3 characteristics; Hyperactivity, inattention & impulsivity” ( B. Example of how it can trigger; Tell Jalen’s story C. ADHD can cause behavioral issues which is why Adderall can be necessary Main Point #2: What Adderall Does

A. PhD, Richard Ferri tells us that “ When Adderall is taken, it helps regulate the central nervous system” (Ferri 2011). B. Many believe that it is harmless and just helps one focus and stay awake C. Again a quote from PhD Richard Ferri stating,“ When taken for nonmedical reasons, Adderall can have serious consequences including increased blood...
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