Topics: Guitar, Want, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Each person is an individual. Everyone has his own talent, own life, own dream, own home and family, own opinion. All of us know the phrase "Many men - many minds," but have you ever fallen to thinking what it really means? Why are we sometimes so selfish and why do we like to defend our own point of view? Let's think of it… Life is very simple and very complex at the same time. Each of us is in the stream of events and people who create these events. Work, career, success, effects us by the novelty, and still we need to have time to live. And in everyone's life, there comes a moment when you start to clearly understand that life and relationships with people need some changes, balance and harmony of communication. «Are you strong enough to live: to carry the flame in your hands, to keep it from the darkest days, to keep it from the winds? To prove your will, to prove your will for life? » - this is the lyrics of the song of my best friend’s band. For the year of existence, they have gone through a lot of things. They managed to record an album, they often had concerts in a local concert hall, and travelled a bit around Ukraine. They really had a common goal: to create a new direction in music, to share their emotions, to meet new people, get new experience. On the occasion of first anniversary of the band existence, I even baked a cake for them, because I was very proud of the success they had achieved by working together. But six months later they have lost something. I cannot say what exactly was the cause of their disagreement. Maybe one of the guitarists simply lost some passion for music and decided to solo with his opinion. He imposed his will on others and in the end, they just simply fell to pieces, and now they do not even communicate with each other. Honestly, I'm sorry about this. Because it seemed to me that they were stronger, that together they could keep a high standard, there was still something to strive for and there were so many new peaks...
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