Activity on Acids and Bases

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  • Published : September 30, 2012
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Group 9 September 26, 2012
Members: Cabatic, Sophia Mae E. October 1, 2012
Peria, Ellen Faith L.
Tacula, Jassy Camille D.S.

Activity 11
Acids and Bases

I. Objectives

* To identify some acids and some bases which are used in common household products.

* To construct an operational definition of an acid and a base, using the characteristic properties of those substances.

II. Procedure

A. For acids
* Place 2ml each of dilute acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, carbonated drink (colorless) and calamansi juice extract in separate test tubes. Test every solutions with blue and red litmus paper. Then add a drop of methyl orange indicator to each solutions.

Record the data then wash and clean the test tube

* Place another 2ml of the same acids in separate test tube. Test with a drop of phenolphthalein indicator. Then repeat the test with one drop of bromthymol blue to a new set of the acid samples in separate test tube.

Record your observation

* To the acids in the test tube place a piece of marble chip (CaCo), in each test tube. Repeat the procedure using aluminum shavings or powder.
Record all observation

B. For Bases
* Repeat the test with detergent and toothpaste solutions. Record all observations Place 2 drops of dilute sodium hydroxide in a clean evaporating dish and dilute with 1ml of water. Test with the blue and red litmus paper then add a drop of methyl orange indicator. Test another 3 drops of sodium hydroxide with phenolphthalein indicator and another 3 drops with bromthymol blue indicator.

III. Data and Results

1. Properties of acids

Properties| CH COOH| HCL| H SO| Calamansi Extract| Carbonated Drink| Color with blue litmus| RED| RED| RED| RED| RED| Color with red litmus| RED| RED| RED| RED| RED| Color with methyl orange| Light...
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