Activity 4.6

Topics: Application software, World Wide Web, Word processor Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: January 31, 2011
Activity 4.6 - End of Module Questions and Analysis

1. What major trends are occurring in software? What capabilities do you expect to see in future software packages? 

Like at first the computers were very hard to maintain. These days software’s have made it very easy to maintain computers. The major trends or changes occurring in software’s they have too much of flexibility, now used for daily communication. Also are used for security systems such as use for robbing(hacking). In addition Software has too much flexibility which \ has become one of the major attributes of modern software’s in the sense that, now developed software are becoming more easier to use .It does not really acquire tutorials or have to be thought before one can use a software on the market these days. This is due to cues and depicting of naturalness in software making it meaningful for users to see and use without haven to be explained before use. Also one major trend occurring in software’s these days includes its Multitasking supportiveness. Multitasking refers to the ability of a system specifically CPU/COMPUTER SYSTEM to run more than one task simultaneously.Softwares these days has the ability to support Multitasking. Typical example is, The Microsoft XP PACK versions were able to support multitasking but not more effective as in Windows 7 which can carry more than 4 tasks at a time.

2. How do the different roles of system software and application software affect you as a business end user? How do you see this changing in the future?

System software keeps the system running, fault-tolerant and accessible. This would include, backup software, antivirus software, database engines, the computer operating systems and everything else to make sure that your workstations and servers are available and able to run your application software. Application Software it refers to the tools you use on the computer to do your job. This would include word processors, spreadsheets,...
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