Acid Rain Lab Report

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  • Published : May 7, 2013
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Acid Rain Lab Report

The problem was to see how crushed chalk and whole chalk weather differently. The independent variables are
The temperature of the liquids
The surface area of the chalk, crushed vs whole
The dependant variable was the weathering of the chalk; this was calculated by measuring the foam reactant. Procedure:
Part B-
For the two partners recording data with the room temperature liquids, the materials where collected first. Two of the graduated cylinders where filled with 10 mL of room temperature water each. The pH and temperature was takes of all the liquids before the experiment progressed any further, One piece of chalk was crushed on a piece of paper than put into the room temperature water. At the same time a whole piece of chalk was put into the second cylinder. Both where observed for three minutes. Observations made where to be written down in the observation and data table in the packet. And foam produced from the reaction of the whole or crushed chalk was measured in centimeters or millimeters than recorded on the chart. The pH was than recorded again. Partners than preformed the same procedure for the room temperature vinegar as done before with the water. The partners gathered two new cylinders and new pieces of chalk they then repeated the steps but with new materials. Part A was a replication of part B but with warm liquids. This data was collected from lab partners after completed. Results:

For the room temperature experiment the water had a starting temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and a pH of 6. The vinegar had a starting pH of 1 and a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. During the time the whole and crushed chalk were in the water nothing happened besides the water turning a little bit cloudy. While in the vinegar the whole chalk broke down, turned the water a tint of yellow, and produced foam of 1 millimeter. The crushed chalk turned the water a cloudy white and produced foam of 12...
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