Acid and Base Extractions

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Lab Conclusion Guidelines

A good conclusion should contain all of the following parts a) You should state what experiment was performed, and show any necessary reaction schemes. The reaction schemes should include molecular weights and any other important physical data for the reagents and products. Ex. Cyclohexanol was oxidized to cyclohexanone using sodium dichromate in the presence of sulfuric acid.

* Note: you can download a free version of a structure editor from ACD labs, the PC version is called chemsketch, the Mac version is called marvinsketch. You should learn how to draw structures using these programs. Lab reports should look professional and they should not have hand drawn structures. b) You should include a general summary of the procedure, giving exact masses and volumes used. This DOES NOT mean to give a detailed procedure. (refer to example in syllabus) c) You should give all of your data including the exact amount of products formed. You should calculate a percent yield. If the product is a solid, you should give a melting point and compare it to the known melting point and then give a percent error. You should also comment on the physical appearance of the product. You should include information obtained from IR, GC or NMR. (refer to example in syllabus) d) Next you should draw a conclusion based on your data. You should never say the unknown was…. You should say, the data suggests or based on the data it was concluded that… If you don’t know with 100 percent certainty, don’t claim that you do! (refer to example in syllabus) e) You should comment on whether or not the conclusion you reached makes sense. Does it match what you expected? Does it match the literature? Was this a reliable experiment? f) You should include sources of NON-human error. If you spilt something you are supposed to redo the experiment, it is not error!

Lab Conclusion Guidelines Things I should never see in your lab report 1. The words I, We, They etc… No First...
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