Achilles Background

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  • Published : May 12, 2011
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Achilles, The Man and the Myth
Achilles was a half human half supernatural. His father is king Peleus. Thetis, Achilles mother who raised him and his best friend (Patroclus) wanted to make Achilles immortal, so she dipped him in the Styx River, holding him from his heel. This gave immortality to Achilles, he was invincible, he was one of the greatest Greek warriors of all times. Thetis his mother who loved her son and was really worried about his safety, decided to send him with Scyros where he took the charge to hide him. Eventually Odysseus caught him, he tricked him by showing a nice armor, he was the only kid who was interested in the armor, so Odysseus easily found out. Achilles agreed to travel with Odysseus all the way to troy. While in troy, Achilles trained and got better at fighting battles, he showed everybody who he was, he showed them that he was invincible by capturing many towns and cities of troy. Achilles thought he deserved everything. While he wasn’t in a battle he liked to have a good time and no one could stop him, he was selfish in a way. ‘In the town of Lyrnessos, he took the woman Briseis as his own personal prize’. This was a way of showing he deserved everything. In the tenth year of the Trojan fight, Achilles got in an argument with Agamemnon and he refused to fight even when Hector, son of the Trojan king attacked where they were camping. Patroclus asked Achilles to borrow his armor, thinking that if the Trojans will see Achilles armor, they would retreat. ‘However, to his great horror and sorrow, Patroclus was killed in combat by Hector’. Achillies was furious, he got his armor, got ready and went looking for Hector, he wanted to confront him face to face and kill him just as he killed his best friend. Hector knew he was going to die, and said goodbye to his wife. Achilles killed him and took him to his camping place, so Hector wouldn’t be buried the right way. ‘The Trojan king comes to beg Achilles to let him have back the body...
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