Ace of Spades Event

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Gear up! The management ultimatum ‘The Trump Card’ is back with a bang. No clichéd theories, No utopian ideas and No Google searches can bail you out.

The law of the jungle prevails in the battle-field. Stead your way through this battle of challenges and become the ultimate warrior to question quintessence.


The flagship event of IMT Ghaziabad, ACE OF SPADES, is one of its kinds where the participants have to survive through a rigorous timeline extending to approximately 48 hours. In each round the participants will be tested with new challenges to check their managerial intuition, creativity, innovativeness and on-feet thinking. Only the ‘Best Manager’ will be awarded.


• This is an individual event.

• Any number of participants is allowed from the same college.

• Only students pursuing post graduate degree in management are allowed to participate in the event.

• The shortlisted candidates from the online selection process will be invited to the campus for the in campus rounds

• The students should be carrying a valid photo id of the institution, during the time of registration.

• The decision of the organizers and judges shall be final.

• No online Registration required. Participants can directly send their entries.

• Travelling allowance will be provided to all the participants coming to the campus for return sleeper class.

PRIZE MONEY- Rs. 51000 only


"Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future." — James Bertrand
Analyze any one of the three issues given below and prepare an analysis of not more than 200 words.

I. Popeye, The Sailor is one of the most famous cartoon characters ever made. His unique style, humorous accent and habit of kicking bad buds have made him a hero of millions of kids around the globe. Popeye is...
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