Accuracy and Precision of Spitballs

Topics: Toilet paper, Accuracy and precision, Measurement Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: October 24, 2012
Accuracy and Precision of Spitballs
Problem: How far will the spitballs land from the target when shot at different distances? How far will the spitballs be from each other when shot from different distances? Hypothesis: I believe that the accuracy will be similar when shot at the same distance but the closer you get to the target the more accurate it will be. For precision I think they should not be that far apart because you should shoot them relatively close. Materials: The materials we will need are, two ply toilet paper to make the spit balls, a cup of water to construct the spitballs, 12 spitballs relatively the same size, a target with a center point, a straw to shoot the spitballs, a compass to make the target, a meter stick to measure the distance from the target, and a person to measure the location on the target. Procedure: In this lab we made twelve spitballs out of two-ply toilet paper. We did this by ripping the toilet paper and dipping it in a cup of water we then wadded them up so they would fit in a straw in order to shoot them. After we made these to fit we made a target with an 8 ½ by 11 sheet of paper a compass and a sharpie. When the circle was drawn we put a miniature circle in the middle to serve as our center point. We then taped this onto a large piece of butcher paper so we could mark the spot that the spitball would hit. We measured 2 meters and shot the balls 4 times marking it each time. Then we moved forward to 1 meter and shot it another 4 times. After that we moved it to .5 meters and shot 4 more balls each time we measured the distance from the center point (or distance from each other when doing precision). Results: See attached tables

Conclusion: My hypothesis was correct for the most part. I believe that this experiment really depended on how hard the person blew when shooting the balls and the size of them these were the controlled variable that affected many of the outcomes. Overall I believe this...
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