Acculturation, Pluralism and Cross-Cultural Awareness in the Classroom

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  • Published : August 1, 2011
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Acculturation, Pluralism and Cross-Cultural Awareness in the Classroom

First, acculturation is the process of adopting the dominant group’s cultural patterns; some groups prefer to keep, or maintain the original culture. Consequently that group will not have become highly cultured to American culture. Second, Pluralism ideology believes that they should keep their identity and culture. Such ideas have advantages and disadvantages, because most of the case the dominant groups are not willing to share powers, and Third, cross-cultural awareness in the classroom is critical for nation that is form by diversity groups.

The main purpose of this search is to evaluate he advantages and the disadvantages of acculturation, pluralism and cross-cultural awareness in the classroom from different perspectives. The supporters the acculturation usually are the groups from the first generation of immigrants. They keep their identity and cultures. One of the issues of this group is that they never become fully form part of the main stream society.

By definition acculturation “refers to changes to that take place as a result of continuous firsthand contact between individuals of different cultures. Such contact not only produces changes in people’s attitude, values, and behavior, but may also significantly affect their cultural identity. “It is important to note that acculturation is determined, in part by the individuals or family; that us, they can decide how much they want to dress, speak, and behave like members of the dominant group. According to Rambaut and Portes (2001) “There are three acculturation patterns among immigrants: consonant, dissonant, and selective. Example of consonant acculturation, parent and children learn the language and culture of the community in which they live. In dissonant acculturation, children learn English and the new culture while parents retain their native language and culture, often leading to conflict within the family and...
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