Accounting Information System (Ais) - a Conceptual Study

Topics: Accounting software, Accounting information system, Application software Pages: 7 (1993 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Indian Streams Research Journal
Vol.1,Issue.V/June; 12pp.1-4



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Dr.Rambabu Gopisetti Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Telangana University, Dichpally, Nizamabad, A.P. 503322

G.Srinivas Academic Consultant, Department of Commerce, Telangana University, Nizamabad, A.P.

Managerial decision making normally relies upon an effective information system. At present many firms are using accounting software to prepare accounting reports very quick, perfectly and in right time. Accounting Information Systems are most common information systems utilized in business, while it was previously paper-based process; hence, there is a greater scope for AIS in the present context as it plays a pivotal role in business as the management of such businesses takes decisions relying upon AIS. AIS are a perfect tool of information provisioning the environment for decision making and also eliminate the paper work as well as reduce the cost very significantly.

1. INTRODUCTION Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) are ruling the world business activities. After the globalization the need for accounting information system rapidly increased a lot. The Financial Accounting Package Revaluation started in the late 80's India's software market was in it's infancy and the demand for personal computers was low and when duties on software imports were high. At present because of ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services) Business practices are carried out across the globe. This raises the need for AIS becomes necessary for all the business organizations to maintain accounts in a Systematic, way and with out delay. 2. HISTORY OF ACCOUNTING Accounting is the language of any business enterprise. In the olden days barter system was practiced by the business people and goods were exchanged for goods. Hence, there was no need to maintain any accounting system; there after Koutilya in his book “Arthasastra”, he mentioned that there is a need for money value to measuring the exchanged value of goods. After that, goods are valued in terms money. The accounting systems are believed to have existed as early as 4500 B.C., in the ancient civilizations. The double entry of today was propounded first in Italy in 1340. At that time, this system was used by stewards of the t city for rendering accounts to state governing authorities. Though the system of DoubleEntry Book- Keeping was used earlier too but it developed in a proper form only at the end of 15th century. Fra Luco Pacioli, an Italian, Wrote a first treatise on Double –Entry System in 1494.Though the system of accounting was developed first in Italy but it was in England and Ireland that it grew to its full stature. During the next three centuries, the accounting system was simplified through a number of treatises written from time to time. 3. OBJECTIVES OF THE PAPER The main purpose of the study is to provide a conceptual view about Accounting Information Please cite this Article as : G.Srinivas and Dr.Rambabu Gopisetti , ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM (AIS) - ISRJ (1), A Conceptual Study G.Srinivas : Indian Streams Research Journal (JUNE ; 2012)


Indian Streams Research Journal

Vol.1,Issue.V/June; 2012

System. For the operational purpose the sub objectives are: 1. To provide a structural framework of Accounting Information System. 2. To study the role of Accounting Information System in Corporate Governance. 4. METHODOLOGY The present study mainly focuses a light on Accounting Information System and is based on secondary data sources. Data collected from various journals, books and websites. 5. NEED FOR ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS At present many firms are using accounting software to prepare accounting reports very fastly, perfectly and in right time, Double entry accounting system started with manual...
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