Accounting ethics

Topics: Ethics, Accountancy, Enron Pages: 4 (2683 words) Published: October 24, 2014

The purpose of this assignment is regarding to accountants, a professional career, meant to be very important to corporation or public because it is the base that offers great support to management for planning, controlling as well as decision making process. As far as people is concerned, accountants as information keepers and produce financial reports to stakeholders face major ethical challenges such as misrepresenting or misstatements in financial statements etc. However, accountants are required to behave ethically and professionally by providing clear, accurate information. In other words, true and fair statements are to be provided by accountants. Enron, Tyco international, are examples of accounting scandal. There’re some reason that cause those ethical issues arise which is due to the greedy mindset of accountant, tempted by money and take chance to fraud, Pressured by company’s executive and so on. When all these ethical problems arise, mean that accountants has lost their mind and make mistake or error in judgment that will produce harmful outcome to the public, company or investors. As all these ethical issues arise more and more frequently in the accounting field, there’re ways that profession bodies should do to help in improving the unethical behavior of accountant happens. Strict action should be taken to stringent and explicit the ethics in accounting by setting strict rules to control the behavior of accountants to ensure they behave ethically when providing accounting information, require companies or firm to establish a workplace policy, provide a free ethical training to accountants etc. The issue of ethics usually comes up with any kind of profession that handles something of value, such as money. As with other professional disciplines, understanding and upholding ethics is very important in the accounting field. Small-business investors and leaders consistently rely on the ethical collection and delivery of financial...
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