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Lianne Mae Malbanan


Accountancy is the field that I’m into I didn’t know if I can survive in this but I will do my best to get through it because I know that a good future is in my way if I finished this. At first I have no idea what course should I take but my mother and my uncle were both CPA’s ( Certified Public Accountant ) that's why they suggested me to get accountancy as my collegiate course I accepted it because I don't have any course to take and besides it is my only option. My first days as a college student I felt strange because I didn't know anyone that's why I am silent for a week I’m happy because I adjusted easily with my new environment . I know it is not right to give up because I’m just starting but I was about to give up because I was used to live in stress free life before my college life came. Accountancy is not easy because I remember even if how hard I study my lessons before quiz most of the time I fail that's why sometimes I was thinking that why should I study if I already know what would be the result of it failing until I passed one of our quizzes I was shouting out for joy even if my average is only exact for the passing rate which is 80% I was proud and show it immediately to my mother because this is my first quiz with passing grade and so after that I was more into my study because I want to pass again my examination. I think that determination that I have after passing that quiz of mine really worked because after having a failing grade of 5.00 as my midterm grade I exerted allot of effort for me to pass on final grade I was ashamed because it is my first time to have a failing grade in my entire life my midterm grade was 71% I felt like I was so dumb that I didn't learn anything so after knowing my midterm grade I did anything for me to pass even if I didn’t have a good sleep most of the time because my longest sleep would be 4 hours im always studying even if we don't have a quiz on the...
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